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The history of August Bruns Cloppenburg

August Bruns Agricultural Machinery was founded in 1948 by August Bruns and with the help of his wife Hilda it was continuously developed in these difficult post-war-years.The company became one of the most known of its kind which soon expanded nationwide.

Later on the two sons, Helmut and Walter got into business and learned the skills from their father. The company was turned over to them officially in 1983. Walter Bruns became head of the company after the early death of his brohter, Helmut Bruns, in 1989. The August Bruns Company also realized the importance of a good customer service at an early point and kept it that way ever since.

Constant innovation , renewals and foundings of new branches in various cities alligned the company for the future. It is highly supported in doing so by its staff. The August Bruns Company would like to thank the entire staff, of the present and the past days for all their help. A big thank you also goes out to our partners and brand-manufacturers who have kept a close relationship to August Bruns Company over the years.The good team-work and the mutual trust of all our suppliers contributed substantially to the success of the company. They also supplied important impulses and technical know how.

Aerial picture BRUNS headquarters
Aerial picture BRUNS headquarters