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Our Haren location

49733 Haren-Emmeln
Heinrichstraße 5
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Team Haren
Team Haren

You can depend on us.

In May 2008 BRUNS moved from the old property in Alt-Haren
to the new location in Haren-Emmeln/county EMSLAND near the Netherlands.

This location was completely renovated – inside and out. It boasts a spacious
building with nearly 3,000 square metres of floor space on over
15,000 square metres of land.
The new location is conveniently located on the B 70 with a
nearby connection to the A 31 motorway. In addition to
expansion of the workshop equipment and of the replacement
parts warehouse, additional cars have been acquired for
on-site customer assistance. The new branch’s sales territory
is divided into a northern part (A. Antons), which extends from
Haren to Papenburg and a southern part extending to the
county of Bentheim (new - R. Tieben). BRUNS currently
employs a staff of 14 in Haren.

Opening May 2008
the NewHolland partner in EMSLAND
Opening May 2008
the NewHolland partner in EMSLAND

Spareparts stock facility

Large, 2-floor stock system
Large, 2-floor stock system
Our employees Joh. Meiners, U. Nehls u. H. Albers
Our employees Joh. Meiners, U. Nehls u. H. Albers

The spraying and potato professionals

After the business opened in 2008, Herbert Ellermann’s service
team acquired two additional mechanics and an addition to the
replacement parts staff.
A newcomer in the Bruns Haren brand family is the Köckerling
company of Verl (Westphalia), which offers equipment for everything
from light to heavy tillage but is also at home in planting
equipment and grassland management. The company also
maintains a close relationship with its Dutch partner for spraying
equipment built by CHD (A. Eefting). The spraying equipment
it offers is brought to the Emsland region and East Frisia
exclusively through BRUNS. These machines have a capacity
of more than 7,000 litres and a width of 48 m and they come
with every convenience. In the realm of potato equipment the
company has more than three decades of experience to build
upon and works with the Dutch professionals in the MIEDEMA

Garage with workshop in Haren
Garage with workshop in Haren