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BRUNS history

The Bruns group today


Our activities:                               Trading with agricultural machinery, urban horticultural and gardening equipment as well as caravans. Supply of spare parts and accessories as a wholesale and retail business. Maintenance and after-sales service for all products sold.

Our product lines:                       Trading under the name BRUNS and the names of their subsidiaries, we sell countrywide equipment of the brand New Holland with sole agency for the entire Weser-Ems area and the Bentheim county, as well as for large parts of Eastern Pommeria and Saxony Anhalt (all Germany):
The company REBO, the “REBO Motorgeräte” branch and the company “B+S Landtechnik GmbH” are sole agencies of the company John Deere for the Weser-Ems area, the Elbe Weser triangle and parts of Mecklenburg Vorpommern
The caravan branch of  Bruns sells the leading brands Tabbert and Knaus.

Production sites:                           We offer machines, store goods and supply services to customers at 15 sites altogether, which cover 15.5 hectares (155,000 square metres) in floor area – 30,000 square metres of which are roofed. This ensures optimal services throughout Northern Germany.


Turnover:                                       In 2006, the Bruns group achieved a turnover of more than 85 million €.

Employees:                                    322 employees, including 69 trainees for the trades'agricultural machinery mechanics’, ‘metalworker’, ‘office or industrial business management’, ‘wholesale and foreign trade business management’ and ‘stock logistics’, work for the Bruns group today.

Education and training:               Since the company Bruns was founded, education and training of its employees have played a large part in the company. Almost 400 young women and men were successfully trained, especially as agricultural machinery mechanics. This training is extremely versatile. It imparts knowledge in the metalworking, engine & gear-set, hydraulic and pneumatic, electrical and, with increasing tendency, electronic fields. It gives you the best skills for coming up to the expectations of almost all technical trades. But also afterwards, all employees are trained regularly, i.e. more than once a year in external seminars which last one or more days. Only in this way, we can cope with the rapid increase in technological progress and offer our professional customers the quality of service required by modern heavy duty machinery for its dependable utilisation. 


·        1948 Founding by August Bruns

·        1963 A-dealer for Ford and Clayson (today New Holland)

·        1966 First branch in Bösel

·        1972 Second main business pillar: Bruns Caravans in Cloppenburg
         Specialist dealer for Tabbert and Knaus

·        1978 Second branch and production site for sprinkler technology in Lindern

·        1980 The sons Walter and Helmut Bruns take over the business

·        1984 Founding of REBO Landmaschinen GmbH to become a John Deere A-dealer

·        1984 Opening of a REBO branch in Borringhausen/Damme

·        1987 Opening of a REBO branch in Aurich

·        1987 New building of Bruns Caravans in the industrial area of Cloppenburg

·        1989 Helmut Bruns dies at an age of  39 years

·        1991 Opening of a Bruns branch in Blankenburg / Harz

·        1991 New Founding: Bruns + Schmidt in Grabow
         A-dealer for John Deere in parts of Mecklenburg Vorpommern

·        1991 Death of the company founder August Bruns

·        1993 Founding of the REBO Motorgeräte GmbH with its seat in Cloppenburg
         A-dealer for urban horticultural and gardening equipment

·        1994 Opening of a Bruns branch in Klein Bünzow

·        1996 Opening of the Bruns Agrarservice branch in Haren

·        1996 Georg Büssing and Georg Wichmann are the new managing directors of the
         company BRUNS

·        1997 New building of REBO Aurich in the industrial area of  Aurich / Schirum

·        1997 Bruns is awarded the Optimus Maximus Award by New Holland

·        2001 Andreas Bruns, the son of Helmut Bruns, is the new Bruns MD

·        2001 Ignatz Kuhlmann is the new MD of the company REBO

·        2002 Acquisition of the company Martin Reents Landm. GmbH Aurich by Bruns

·        2002 The new building of the “B + S” branch in Osterburg is inaugurated

·        2003 Re-opening of the Bruns branch in Bösel after re-organisation and reconstruction

·        2004 REBO is given the German “Shell Service Award”

·        2005 Expansion of the Bünzow branch by the addition of a second hand machinery 
         shop of approx. 2,000 square metres

·        2005 REBO presents the REBO Rack (universal carrier vehicle) at the  
         Agritechnika fair

·        2006 REBO and REBO Motorgeräte open a joint branch in Edewecht

·        2006 Alexander Bruns, the son of Helmut Bruns, is the new MD at REBO

·        2007 Bruns moves the Blankenburg site to the new Langenstein site

·        2007 For B+S Grabow, the factory is expanded by more than 1,000 square metres
         through the construction of  a new workshop and social rooms


The BRUNS group


The company had very small beginnings in 1948 near the railway station in Cloppenburg, where August Bruns founded the core of today's Bruns group. With a lot of help from his wife Hilda and his sons, Helmut and Walter, the company grew into the group we know today.

The focus has always been on the sale of agricultural machinery of all kinds for the full range of field work up to harvesting and cattle feeding equipment. For the John Deere and New Holland brands, the Bruns group has the sole agency in large parts of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) and Mecklenburg Vorpommern. John Deere and New Holland are the world's leading producers of agricultural machinery. In 2005, John Deere had a total turnover of 18.2 billion Euros, i.e; it is the absolute market leader ahead of NH (CNH) with 10.4 billion Euros, AGCO (MF, Fendt, Valtra) with 4.5 billion Euro and Claas with 2.2 billion Euros. Also in 2005, CNH delivered 20 953 tractors in the four European key markets (Germany, France, Italy and Spain); John Deere, 18,782 tractors. For a total market of 102,779 units, this corresponds with market shares of 20.4% (CNH) and 18.3% (John Deere). With its factories in Mannheim (tractors) and Zweibrücken (combine harvesters), John Deere has its largest production facilities in Germany apart from those in the USA, and hence it is the biggest German producer of agricultural machinery. Both John Deere and CNH have the full line in countryside equipment – everything from small tractors up to big combine harvesters or forage harvesters.

The Bruns group succeeded in gaining further leading producers of agricultural machinery as partners for the same area; for example, the companies Kuhn and Pöttinger for soil working and tedding.

The Bruns product range is complemented through its own production at the main factory in Lindern. Vehicles for transporting and sprinkling liquid manure are manufactured there, as well as combine trailers for cutting unit of combine harvesters or straw feeding & forage harvesters for turkey and chicken stables. Based on its mid-range series of tractors, REBO developed a carrier machine (“REBO-RACK“) which was presented at the Agritechnika 2005. In an ideal manner, this vehicle is suitable for undertaking transports on a platform or – through attachment of units on the front axle, with low centre of gravity – for performing agricultural work with a perfect view of the working equipment.

At 15 sites altogether, the group makes a standard practice of utilising the most advanced maintenance and diagnostics equipment in order to offer everything you need in a high-capacity workshop. More than 253 employees and a regular average of about 69 trainees amongst the 322 people who work for the group take pains to provide the customer with individual services – from the purchase of a machine, through training, repair, stock-keeping of spare parts to book-keeping & financing. Of course, this service applies round the clock and at the customer’s premises.


95 motorized vehicles allow for a mobile availability of our manpower. In the event that a harvesting machine fails, help can arrive in a very short time. More than 30,000 different articles are at hand in stock quantities greater than 1, but if a part should not be available it can be procured from a supplier within a few hours. Direct access to the stocks of a supplier and amongst each other via internet / data link is ensured at all sites.

Every customer can check the quality of the products offered by the branches. Show demonstrator machines are available for test applications. The correct equipment of the chosen machine can be compiled using electronic media. Even customers interested in second hand equipment are offered a comprehensive range of products. An average of 2,500 machines and units are kept at hand in our stocks.  Should the desired machine not be available in a customer’s branch, the customer can nevertheless get a first impression through detailed descriptions with pictures. Another possibility of searching for a defined machine is our homepage in the internet.

Via the company REBO Motorgeräte, the Bruns group sells urban horticultural and gardening equipment in the Weser-Ems area, the Emsland district and in the Elbe-Weser triangle. Whilst the technology is in many cases similar to that of agricultural machinery, the customer service requires a different positioning in the market. Assisted by more than 50 partner agencies, the company's own field support division consisting of 5 persons undertakes regular visits to its private or public customers. In these discussions, the specific requirements of each customer and the possible solution to the problem using the available technology is determined and presented. Practice trial events are carried out regularly at different sites in the area. This enables the customers to check and compare the latest technology without having to travel far.  The discussion on the cost-effectiveness of the investment plays an important role in this process. Being a partner of the companies John Deere, Roberine, SABO, Jensen, Ferrari and others, we offer a suitable solution to all requirements. We are proud to say that “REBO Motorgeräte" soon earned respect from all customers in this large area of sale for its professional manner of action. And hence, we get all the enquiries today for any major investment in urban horticultural and gardening equipment.

Another main business pillar is the caravan trade. This business, acquired in 1972, was rebuilt in 1987 in the industrial area of Emstekerfeld; in 1998, it was transferred into an independent company. It is conveniently placed as regards transport facilities, i.e. directly on the industrial area exit of the ring road. More than 150 caravans offer an attractive product range to all those who like camping. Moreover, the customer is offered a wide spectrum of accessories and camping equipment. Inspections, MOT tests, gas acceptance tests and accident repairs can be carried out quickly given by qualified personnel in their own repair shop. The service, the quality of consulting as well as the entire show premises were given awards several times by independent committees.

Bruns is also fit for the future. In all of the previous years, considerable investments were made at the individual sites. The turnover - just as the number of people working for the group – increased steadily over the years. The training of new qualified personnel has been identified as an essential task and was put into practice. Many of the former trainees are today’s qualified personnel, whose know-how and skills as well as a commitment to work long hours for the company form a solid basis for the future. Concerning the head of the business, the next generation of the family i.e. Mr. Andreas Bruns and Mr. Alexander Bruns follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. They have enjoyed excellent training of both theoretical and practical type, and now they set new standards for the future orientation of the company. Today already, there is no doubt about one thing: in respect of knowledge and commitment to work hard, they do not rank behind their “fathers”.


Bruns, Walter
managing partner
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